It’s always nice to experience different cultures and meet new people around the globe. It is for this reason that I enjoy travelling.

One of my first international trips was to South Africa in 2003. I was young (23) and ready to explore! I worked at the Tiffindell Ski Resort, the southest ski resort on the African continent, for six months. Whilst in South Africa, I also travelled from Durban, down the south coast, all the way to Cape Town. I surfed, bungee jumped (Bloukrans Bridge – highest bungee in the world at the time – 216 meters) and visited National Parks where I enjoyed African wildlife.

In November 2003 I flew back to Slovakia and worked as a guide in the Tatra Mountains for a year. During the Slovak spring of 2005, I started working at an off-piste ski resorts on the south island of New Zealand called Treblecone, one of the best resorts I have seen for snowboarding. This was a lovely place to explore, awesome for biking and hiking in the summer and it was great to experience the Kiwi culture! I visited National Parks and Fjoirds whilst in New Zealand.

During the Slovak autumn of 2005 (New Zealand spring), I had the opportunity to work at one of the biggest ski resorts in the States, Mammoth Mountain in California. I have never seen better snow conditions anywhere! I spent two winter seasons at Mammoth and travelled extensively through Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Mexico, Hawaii and many more. I went surfing on the Hawaii islands and Mexico, visited all the famous national parks (Arches, Yosemity, Redwoods, Crater) and many major cities such as LA, San Francisco, Portland, Las Vegas and Honolulu. During spring in 2007, I returned to Slovakia.

Since the summer of 2007, I have been working in Slovakia as a professional self-employed tourist guide as well as a winter sports instructor. As a tourist guide, I mainly spesialise in the areas listed on this website under SERVICES.

I mainly conduct my tours in English, but can also conduct the tours in Polish and Slovakian. I generally accommodate groups of up to 20 people but have had groups of 40 and more tourists.