Slovak towns hide many historical monuments – castles, chateaus, palaces, churches and labour houses –
the most important of which are listes at the UNESCO. The Slovakian towns with historical centres listed in UNESCO are Banska, Stiavnica, Bardejov and Levoca.

To see some of these historical monuments, I would pick one of the richest regions in Slovakia called Spis with the most popular and most visited towns like Levoca and Kezmarok.

Below is a short introduction to the town of Levoca.

Levoca is a small historical town with about 35,000 people. The town is surrounded by a wall with protection towers. If you drive through Kosicka tower, you will get to the main square called the centre of Master Paul. On your left you will see the church of Saint Jacob, with a world famous wooden gotic altar (18.62 meters) from master Paul.

Next to the church of Saint Jacob is the townhall (from 1550) and one of the most beautiful bell towers in Slovakia – with a bell and clock from the 17th century.

A couple of meters away from the town hall is the cage of pillory. Historically, people who broke the law, or did crime, were taken here.

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