Private lessons

– it is the fastest way to learn how to ride.
During the lesson i individually focus on specific mistakes of my client and the whole process of the lesson is much faster. I suggest to everybody, there is not a limit of the age.

My youngest student was 2 and half and it was about fun, games, fairy tales and of course riding. And the oldest one was 72, he was a surfer in California which was a big advantage for him.
If you will book a lesson with me it will mostly be about having fun.

And if you plan your vacation anywhere in Slovakia or in Poland call me and we can ride together.

Group lessons

– this way takes a bit of time but it is always lots of fun here.

I do not want to say there is no fun on private lesson, but if you are in a group of at least three beginners on the one slope, and they are trying the same exercise in front of each other with the funny positions and movements, you will laugh for next half an hour.

I suggest having a maximum of 6 people to one group, but its also possible to do with 16 in one group which is an extreme. (If you would like to see that, go to South africa and book lesson there, they do that because it is only one ski resort down there ).

So if you are a travel agency or if you have a big family let me know about yourself and lets ride together.

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