As part of my services, I take tourists on hiking trips on all marked trails in the Tatra Mountain.
This includes visits to mountain huts, saddles and different peaks or even a scenic ride on a gondola up on the Lomnicky peak.

Care should be taken when preparing for a hike.
You should take your fitness level into account and have the appropriate clothing (pack an extra t-shirt, trousers and a waterproof jacket and pants in your backpack – just in case the weather changes). You should also have proper hiking boots with rubber soles.

It is very important to have sufficient fluids with you – normally I would suggest a minimum of 2L of fresh water per person per day, depending on the weather and the difficulty of the hike.

If you are not used to the high altitude, you might experience some headaches or feel dizzy. I also make sure that we have sufficient rest periods during the trip.

The hike ends on a high with a fantastic view of the Tatra panorama, the best present you can get on the mountain.

Once you are back down in the valley, go and relax at one of the hot thermal natural spas in the Slovakian aquaparks.

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